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Welcome to Ballistic Designs!

What have we learned in 20 years of delivering the best one-of-a-kind custom painted helmets? We’ve learned that it’s not just a helmet. It’s an extension of who you are.

As you’re speeding around the track towards that checkered flag, we want everyone out there to know exactly who just kicked their ass. Show them that you’re not just a great driver but you can make it look good too.

Ballistic Designs pairs cutting edge custom designs and techniques, along with industry-standard materials for an unmatched quality product from start to finish. You want to be the best? You’ve got to look the best. Put us to work and let Ballistic Designs help you stand out in the crowd!

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Vital Information

Cornell Moore – Ballistic Designs
1143 Schneiders Crossing NW
Dover, Ohio 44622


(330) 407-9984

Getting Started

For the most accurate pricing let us know what type of helmet you have, colors, finish, and graphics you’d like to include. We’ll hit you back with a quote and get started on your custom helmet design!

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