Base Price: $700
(depending on complexity of the design)

(additional cost added to base price)

Airbrush effect:  $50-$100
Logos:  $25-$100
 Flat & Gloss finish:  $100
Flake:  $100
Wing, Visor, or Ped Kit:   $100
Helmet with graphics:   $50
Name on helmet:  FREE 

Additional Services:
Chip repair:  $50 & up 
(Depending on severity)
A 50% deposit is required when you send the helmet.
When the helmet is ready to be cleared we will send you pictures for you to check out and make sure everthing is correct.
At this time you will need to send out the remaining balance and we will get it finished up. Once the payment is recieved 
and cleared then we will ship out the finished helmet.